Contacting Us

This is the first point of engagement. Just ring or email us and share whatever you have on your mind in terms of designing or renovating the bathroom. Whether it is tweaking the existing design or installing a new shower room, wet room or whole bathroom renovation, we have the expertise to address your requirements.


Meeting Us

You don’t need to disrupt your day at work or home. We will come to you. Just tell us about the preferred time. We choose a specialist for the home visit—seasoned bathroom fitting professionals. Scheduling the meeting is at your discretion!


Understanding Project Dynamics

The visiting bathroom centre agent may visit with a tiler, plumber or supplies specialist. They might ask many questions—vital to make the discussion more constructive. This helps us understand your perspective to the dot, allowing no room for confusions or grievances. The visiting bathroom fitter will also measurements and make some basic calculations. Queries can be about patterns related to upkeep or usage of bathroom and any problems inherent to the location of property. This helps to give you clarification about:


Changes that can be executed within limitations of the existing bathroom’s layout

Renovations that might present a risk to the structural integrity of the house

Estimated duration for the entire project

Expected delays if special, hard-procure materials are involved

Approximate costing

Current market trends


Giving Shape to Your Ideas

We don’t stop at just giving quotes. Establishing absolute clarity about the expected outcomes is equally important. This is done via a detailed visual presentation. Our team consists of illustrators, artists, and CAD professionals. Put together, they create a visual interpretation of what has been finalized. This is also the time when you can suggest changes, make modifications to the blueprint and inquire without holding back.


Making it Official

When we have your approval, the paperwork follows. Details about the schedule and payment are clearly communicated, in-person and in print. We will introduce you to the person in-charge of managing your project. Date of commencement of the project is now confirmed.


Getting Started

The designated project manager has the responsibility to divide the personnel into small teams, take stock of the supplies and prioritize each task. The team’s schedule is shared with you to ensure your everyday plans are not disrupted.


Initial Preparations

To see our fitters stripping the existing bathroom fittings during the first, few days can be a bit heartbreaking. Sometimes, extensive surface preparation is involved. For elaborate bathroom designs, walls might have to be put-up or taken down. Preparations also involve handling electrical and plumbing installations. We have a team of on-call specialists, including plumbers, decorators, electricians and carpenters for this.



Once the groundwork is complete, it is time for the actual installations. From laying mosaic patterned tiles and changing sink configurations to installing frame less glass showers—we can handle every requirement. This is also the most time consuming stage. If you happen to be away from the site, we will relay daily and weekly progress reports. This continues until the bathroom has been fitted to the last detail.


Running Checks

Work done by fitters is regularly checked. When the project is near completion, the inspection becomes more comprehensive. This is because many components in a bathroom work in-sync. We trust the most experienced personnel to evaluate and confirm that the quality of work has not been compromised. This includes attention to finer details and testing different fixtures for smooth functionality. Every aspect of the bathroom, from cabinetry affecting the lighting angles to the plumbing and electrical’s is tested.

Signing Off Project

After our final inspection, we expect you to spend a few moments in your new bathroom. The idea is to acquaint you with the refreshed layout. New installations might need some guidance about using them. We expect you to personally examine the quality of work. Feel assured, we readily address any imperfections.