All About The Design

Giving shape to a bathroom isn’t just about aesthetics or glamour, it is also about ensuring that the functionality is not compromised. At Aylesbury Bathroom Centre our focus is on delivering bespoke bathrooms that perform without a flaw. We believe that every bathroom should be personalized, optimized to its environment and maintenance & handling patterns

First Interaction

It all starts with a phone call, emailing a query or a visit to our Aylesbury bathroom showroom. We are usually quick to respond, followed by a scheduled visit. We don’t believe in merely taking measurements and making quick calculations. We are more like passionate artisans at work.

We discuss a wide range of possibilities to help you understand better. This includes answers to questions about:
• Long-term plans about occupying the property
• Personal preferences in terms of surfaces or installations
• Particular design or theme in mind
• Budgetary limitations
• Time-related constraints

Your Ideas Matter

You might have a particular design in mind. We don’t want to change it drastically or overhaul it to the extent that it loses its appeal. However, imagination needs to be translated into form and this requires technical expertise—something we boast of and brew with passion. We might even ask you to visit our showroom. Sometimes this makes sense to give you a more realistic idea, such as testing tiling options where textures and finishing should be actually experienced.

The Finer Details

Our planning is comprehensive to ensure every interface presents the right mix of form and function. This means allocating proper space to the vanity mirrors, away from the mist of the shower or choosing installation methods that does not affect the structural integrity of the walls. We understand intricacies that are often ignored in the name of incorporating fashion. This also means more accurate cost calculations. The finalized design is cross-checked to ensure there are no regulatory issues.


Perfecting The Plans

We are not short on patience. We will not rush you or pester you to fast-track the entire process. You can trust us to help you explore options beyond the norm. If this means an extra meeting, another discussion to dispel your doubts or longer-than-usual conversations, don’t stress, we will not quit on you and your project and we won’t rest until the planning stage is 100%.

Visual 3d bathroom design

Beautiful realistic bathroom designs supplied as part of our quoting process. Complete with layout drawings and dimensions. Let us take away the worry of your bathroom renovation with complete peace of mind as to what the finished look will be before we have even begun!

bathroom design

The initial process is to visit your home so that we can discuss your exacting requirements, desired colours and layout. We then obtain all the measurements required so that with all this info we can create a beautiful design which is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

However not to worry if you have no idea what you want we will work with you until we get the design just right!

We use the most state of the art Italian 3d design system to create truly bespoke bathrooms. Thus allowing you to see how what can be achieved before even choosing any bathroom products or tiles.