Taking The Plunge

Once you are happy with the plans, strategies and have chosen your tiles, furniture and fittings we are now ready for the next stage in the journey towards your perfect bathroom.The next stage is about taking the plunge, translating words into actions—something we do brilliantly. We are the specialists in this niche, bringing many years of experience in refurbishing, renovating, and rescaling bathroom spaces in and around Buckinghamshire and also nationally.

Working Around You

Our team has the ability to think from a homeowner’s perspective, sensitive to the nuances of working within a household. Our professionally trained team ensure that all occupants are minimally disturbed. If you need to travel to a distant location or are unavailable throughout the project’s lifecycle, we will communicate the progress to you. The work is done in accordance with all guidelines for maintaining on-site safety, including protection against chemicals, dust, and power tools.

Prepared for unforeseen challenges

Existing fittings/surfaces need to be prepared, repaired and prepped. The idea is to minimize damage to the existing bathroom setup and surrounding surfaces. Sometimes, this might lead to unexpected delays due to internal damages that cannot be identified at the stage of surface-level designing. We have contingency plans for such circumstances. This might mean last-minute adjustments but we have the proficiency to make adjustments.

Assurance of perfection

We pay attention to the little details. We are obsessive about doing things to perfection, conducting double and triple checks to ensure that the work is up to the mark—all this to ensure that you are not inconvenienced! The meticulous inspection might be repeated after a few days of wrapping-up the project, just to rule out any possibility of sub-standard work.